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Interview: Patrick O’Shea, director of ‘Tree Keeper’


How did you originally get into film?

I always loved stories when I was growing up – books, comics and of course movies. As kids my mother used to take us to the Ormond Cinema in Midleton which of course is closed now. I made my first film back in transition year in secondary school with a full size VHS camera. That was it, from then on it was my ambition to be a director. I spent 4 years in D.I.T. Aungier St. studying Film & Broadcasting and I continued to make independent short films from the time I left college back in 1999 up to making Tree Keeper, which is my debut feature.


Film Ireland DVD Review: Tree Keeper

Filmed in rural Cork by Irish filmmaker Patrick O’ Shea, Tree Keeper is a bold film that attempts to stand on its own as a psychological thriller with the themes of violence, greed and environmental conservatism. The question is can it compete with the Hollywood thrillers we encounter every week?

The Revolution Will Be Filmed

In 1996, there was one Cork-made film shown at the Cork Film Festival. This year the number is a lot higher. There are three feature films, four documentaries and at least 25 short films that will be screened at the film festival. And there will only be more in the future, writes Brian Hayes Curtin.

There are three full feature films and four documentary made by Cork directors or shot in Cork.  The three feature films are Patrick O’Shea’s ‘Tree Keeper’, Conor Stanley’s ‘Steamin' and Dreamin’ Part 2 – Ca$h Back’ and Damien Hurley’s ‘The Pier’.

Tree Keeper Premieres at Cork International Film Festival

Patrick O’Shea’s independent micro budget feature film Tree Keeper, which was shot in Cork during the summer of 2010, is to have its world premiere at this years Cork Film Festival on Friday, 11th November.

Tree Keeper is a gripping drama about a young man’s struggle to protect the woodlands he inherited from his father from being developed as a landfill site. The film unfolds in a small rural town and its neighbouring woodlands. Doire, a young man in his mid-twenties inherits a hundred acres of mature woodlands when his father dies. A solitary and reclusive figure, Doire turns his back on society and decides the best way to protect and care for his inheritance is to make a home for himself deep in the woods.

Irish make their mark at Festival

Patrick O’Shea’s new feature, Tree Keeper, was shot around Cork in 2010. Doire, the young man at its centre, inherits a parcel of woodland from his father, and moves into an old cottage to protect it. His peace is disturbed by the antics of an unscrupulous businessman who plans on developing the woodland as a landfill site. James Browne as Doire, Ciarán Ruby as Tom, and Pascal Scott as his father, Jim, all give fine performances in a film that was probably the most enthusiastically received at the festival.

Tree Keeper Prepares to Shoot

Southernman Films are currently in pre-production with ‘Tree Keeper, an independent feature shooting this summer in Cork. The film examines the story of Doire, a recluse who decides to live in an inherited forest and stars James Browne, Pacal Scott and Róisín O’Donovan.

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